hi, I'm Brenda!

I am a data-driven marketing ninja with 9 years of experience across B2B (enterprise / small to mid-sized businesses) and B2C (social shopping, social gaming, eCommerce and marketplaces). I'm pretty darn good at my job when it comes to User Acquisition, Demand Generation/B2B Marketing, Social Advertising (Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin), Paid Search (SEM), Programmatic Display, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics and Social Media. I have been able to drive amazing results, including high quality net-new acquisition growth by over 300% at a -45% decrease in spend year-over-year. The companies I work for trust me to spend over $1M in digital advertising annually because I drive results. 

I have a passion for mentoring people towards achieving their marketing career goals. I also get a lot of joy from teaching marketers how to kick ass at marketing, too. 

You can read my performance marketing how-to guides and marketing tips here on the Marin Software blog: http://insights.marinsoftware.com/author/bton/