Modcloth's SEO & Content Strategy from BrightEdge's Share13 Conference

ConferenceBrightEdge's Share13
Track: Aligning Content and SEO
Speaker: Holland Dauterive from Modcloth

If I could name one company that does an excellent job of understanding their customers and caters to their community at every level, it would be Modcloth. I've been a fan of Modcloth since 2008 and have worked with them in the past when I was working at Kaboodle. I've always admired their approach on community; they truly involve their customers in their business decisions and make them an integral part of their business. 

I had the pleasure of sitting through a great presentation by Holland Dauterive, SEO Manager of Modcloth, where she talks about the importance of content and what processes are taken within the organization in order to have a successful SEO program...


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The 7 Best Online Learning Education Sites for Creative Business & Marketing Professionals

The education industry has improved & evolved over the last decade, no longer requiring people to attend physical classes or buy instructional books to learn something new. When comparing what I learned in college versus what I learned online, there's no doubt that learning online has been more beneficial to my career...

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Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner at Zendesk - Recap

Yesterday, I attended the Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner at Zendesk with my co-worker, Laquel Wright. Their office space was bright, lively, and spacious - I loved it. When you arrive to the floor where their office is located, you are instantly greeted with a huge Buddha mural.

Like most of the Girl Geek events, you have the normal catered dinners, alcoholic beverages, trinkets, and lots of ladies. I met a great bunch of people and learned a lot about their passions and career motives.

The panel discussion for the evening was focused on "Building the Path Toward Customer Happiness". Here are some of the main takeaways...


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6 Tips & Lessons on Being Self-Taught

Taking the time to reflect and learn from my marketing career, I can easily say that it is mostly attributed to the skills I've learned on my own. I'm always curious, resourceful, and passionate about my interests - this equates to endless hours of researching, reading, learning, and applying what I've learned into actionable items for work and personal life. I'll be covering a couple of marketing examples but this post really applies to anyone who is interested in becoming self-taught.  

When in the position to educate myself, something amazing happens - my motivation and desire to succeed takes the wheel to drive...

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Zynga: The Worst Interview Experience Ever

While reading yesterday’s news about Zynga laying off 18% of their company, I cringed to the thought of an interview that I had at Zynga in January 2011 for the position of marketing manager. It was the worst interview that I’ve ever had in my entire life. In 2011, Zynga was up and coming and making great waves within the social games industry. Before the interview, I admired the games they were building and thought the idea of building a career at Zynga would be a dream come true. Having gone through rounds of interviews with seven people individually, I left their headquarters in disbelief and shock telling myself that even if I was to be given an offer that there would be no way in hell that I’d ever work for a company with that kind of culture and negative vibe that I experienced from that day alone...

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9 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer & Passing on Career Opportunities

In my perspective, a perk of having a career in user acquisition and search marketing is great because you are always presented with new career opportunities without even trying (especially when you are already employed).

In an average month, I have approximately 3-4 companies trying to recruit me directly, most of which are CEOs and founders themselves, and of those, about 1-2 recruiters working on behalf of companies. I love the folks that reach out to me based on referrals from people I worked with in the past because it's great validation that they genuinely enjoyed working with me or valued my work. It's flattering to be wanted and it's great because it allows me to not worry about being jobless and allows me to relax in general.

User acquisition and search marketing is in such a high demand for companies and not many people have the hands-on experience of understanding how the marketing channels operate, how to manage it, and how to optimize the channels to success and gain meaningful insights. In addition, there tends to be a lot of turnover given the high-stress that comes with the job. Because of this, there are a lot of career opportunities and not many right-fit people to fill in those shoes...


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SEO Best Practices: Title, Meta Description, H1 & H2

Within these past months, I've been asked to assess a couple of start-up websites from an SEO perspective. Recently, my responsibilities at work have shifted focus on SEO for our site and I've been learning a ton's worth. I've used these tactics for a few of my side project sites to see it climb up the ranks for my targeted keywords due to the relevancy of my site in conjunction with the user's search intent.

You would be surprised at the sites that I've been asked to look at to discover that no optimization has been applied. For this post, I'll cover the title, meta description, H1 and H2 tags, as well as content. These actionable items are incredibly easy to update and change. It's important because it will communicate with search engines what your page is about and if it's relevant to the user's keyword search.

Here are some quick wins that nearly anyone can do, as long as you have full control of your website...

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Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner at Evernote - Recap

​I always enjoy attending Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners when I have a chance. Yesterday evening, I attended the event at Evernote HQ with a close friend and former co-worker of mine, Lisa Vu, a game producer at Green Throttle. Upon entering their gorgeous, spacious and well-designed office, we were greeted very kindly by their team and received a complimentary Evernote Smart Notebook Moleskine journal, along with a free 3 month premium membership. It's a pretty awesome schwag in my opinion and it came in handy for note taking during the presentations.  

​The turnout seemed to be about 125-150 women, and the vibe was inviting and friendly as we mingled around the multiple tables of hors d'oeuvre, desserts, and wine. I still have to say that being in a room with that many women is just a tad bit uncomfortable for me (but that's just me!)...

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My Marketing Success Story & Marketing Career Advice

I have always thought of myself as different, creative and out-of-the-box. I loved researching and understanding how things worked, and even though I hated math, I loved how numbers always had a truth to it that made sense to me. In college, I was going to major in accounting until my sister Huong gave me the idea of turning my personality traits into a marketing career move and that's where it all began; I will be forever thankful to her for implanting that idea into my head.

There are some people out there that think my success in marketing is by being lucky, and I can tell you that it's far from true. It was not luck that got me where I am today & this story proves that. I do not believe in luck as I have worked extremely hard to be where I am at today in my career and to sum it up, I am where I am today by being myself & doing what I believe in, being honest, loving what I do, and giving my full 110%.

In August 2007, I was determined to find a marketing internship at a company with a focus on my personal interests and hobbies, which at the time was street art, fashion, & music...


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