Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner at Zendesk - Recap

Yesterday, I attended the Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner at Zendesk with my co-worker, Laquel Wright. Their office space was bright, lively, and spacious - I loved it. When you arrive to the floor where their office is located, you are instantly greeted with a huge Buddha mural.

Like most of the Girl Geek events, you have the normal catered dinners, alcoholic beverages, trinkets, and lots of ladies. I met a great bunch of people and learned a lot about their passions and career motives.

The panel discussion for the evening was focused on "Building the Path Toward Customer Happiness". Here are some of the main takeaways:

Mindy Lieberman: "What we do to make customers happy in IT is put out great business systems to make us more productive." 

Saroj Yadov: In engineering, "We put great effort into our products; we test interactions, nuances, and big pictures. With devices, we ensure our products work on all platforms. Before launching, we make sure it looks great to our customers first."  

Erin Boyle: In product, "We take design and features seriously and verify with the customer that it will be valuable to them. We get their feedback and make them feel like they're a part of something. We want to make it easy to use and beautiful."

Rose Trujillo: "If only 100 people want the feature, the services team will build it and give customers what they want without modifying the product." 

Ana Martinez: In internationalization, "We make it available for twelve languages so people can finally understand what is happening with Zendesk."

Overall, I was very impressed and learned a great deal of what the processes are like when prioritizing features and products for the user. It seems like they really nailed customer satisfaction, as well as provide a great company culture overall for their employees.